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News from the Dog House: August, 2007

“LOST PRINCESS” Distributed Nationally!
On July 24, 2007 Echelon Studios (www.echelonent.com) distributed “THE LOST PRINCESS” to about 1,000 independent movie rental stores throughout the United States. We are thrilled that audiences new and old will be able to rent this “Director’s Cut” edition of film. We invite you to check out your local independent movie rental and get a copy. And soon to be available on Netflix!!!

Martha Gay and Max Dyer’s “HEARTSTRINGS” released!
Blind Dog Entertainment and Don Juan and Miguel are truly proud to present
“HEARTSTRINGS” by good friends Harpist Martha Gay and Cellist Max Dyer. Martha is familiar to Renaissance Festival audiences as a founding member of and the harpist for the early music ensemble “Cantiga” Interested in having Martha perform for you? Check out her website at www.cantigamusic.com . Heartstrings is available through our website.

New! “PULL MY FINGER!” a Hey Nunnie Nunnie! Docu-comedy!
Shot on location at Scarborough Faire this “Docu-comedy” is chock-full of delights concocted by our favorite Sisters. A live show (yes, with the ever amusing “Constipated Men song”), a light-hearted interview with Shannon O’Brien and Dana McCain - the women who become Mother Redempta and Sister Philomena Claire- a delightful “short” “Hey Thumbie, Thumbie!” and more. This is a must have for fans of “Hey Nunnie Nunnie!” and for anyone who likes to laugh!

“A LOOK INSIDE” - Don Juan and Miguel reveal the men behind the madness!
In this new documentary chock full of comedy Don Juan (Jose Granados) and Miguel (Doug Kondziolka) share stories, ideas, dreams and more as they answer the questions everyone asks! “A Look Inside” includes interviews with the creative talents behind Don Juan and Miguel, clips from their shows and upcoming movie “I Sense Danger”, and a special backstage VIP PASS which will give you an intimate look into the behind-the scenes world of Don Juan and Miguel. Available soon so keep checking!

In the final stages of mastering Sarah Mullen’s long awaited new cd “Harper’s Bizarre” is almost ready. This new cd is great! There are lots of original tunes by Sarah (and a couple by Silas) that will delight you. Plus she has some great musicians along for what is a great ride! Available soon!

The newest in the series is still in post production. We are insuring that this will be the best Blind Dog Entertainment film yet. Early reports are all rave! Check out our blog for timely updates (www.donjuanandmiguel.com).