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About Blind Dog Entertainment:


Our namesake :-)

BLIND DOG ENTERTAINMENT is a production company dedicated to quality and “full spectrum family entertainment”. Jose Granados and Doug Kondziolka formed the concept behind B.D.E.
Don’t know these names? How about “DON JUAN and MIGUEL”?
For over a quarter of a century Mr. Granados and Mr. Kondziolka have brought (and still bring) these colorful swashbuckling characters to life at Renaissance festivals all across the United States, and, in doing so, have become one of the most sought after and highly regarded acts in their field.
Not familiar with Renaissance festivals?
These “recreations” of old English market cross festivals dot the United States. Almost every major U.S. city can boast of its own, unique Renaissance festival. These events support a nationwide community of artists, artisans and entertainers, keeping alive many of the talents and traditions of Vaudeville. Many forms of entertainment are found at these fairs, from comedy, swordplay, juggling, balancing, puppetry, music, dance, acting, to playing in the mud.

Bringing together the rich and unique pool of talent found at Renaissance festivals, Jose Granados and Douglas Kondziolka formed BLIND DOG ENTERTAINMENT; not only as a new venue for their own talents, but also to document and promote the talents of their friends and peers within this unique festival community.