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The warrior is Esmeralda, a princess who has brains, can fight and is pretty, too. The sexy one is Don Juan, a pretty boy laughing at danger. These two Spanish champions, along with Don Juan's sidekick Miguel, dance and joke their way through a swashbuckling, Renaissance adventure, saving the queen's English cousin from the nasty, Teutonic Krankenmal.

The story is traditional, the names are funny, the gags are not only silly but clever in this total farce. It might be a children's story, but it brings a lot of laughs for adults as the adventure bashes in and out of every cliché imaginable. Sneaking in to confront the Bad Guy, playing maniacally with toy soldiers, Don Juan and Miguel accept Krankenmal's challenge to bring him the Holy Grail. Soon, they find the great chalice, a tiny goblet, residing at the house of English clowns. Esmeralda seems to be lost, so Don Juan and Miguel break out into a rousing “lost princess” song and dance with the friendly English folk.

A blend of Three Stooges and the Three Musketeers on espresso, THE LOST PRINCESS is wholesome fun zinging with grown-up nuances. – Steven Davis - Santa Fe Film Festival

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IMDB link:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0844012/

“For over 25 years, Don Juan and Miguel (aka Jose Granados and Doug Kondziolka) have enthralled Renfest patrons with stage acts of hair-raising sword combat and rapier wit. First introduced when they were part of the Chicago-based “Ring of Steel” (a group of 35 stage combat performers), the two quickly hit it off, forming one of the most famous and best-loved acts to ever tour the festival circuit.
Granados modeled their stage duels on these of old Hollywood movies, adopting perilously fast choreography to simulate the look of the “under cranked” camerawork of the 1930s and ‘40s. As such, it seemed inevitable that these two outlandish characters would eventually star in movies of their own. The Lost Princess is their second excursion into the genre; filmed entirely on the grounds of TX’s Scarborough faire, the production is not a big-budgeted epic but is nevertheless an endearing and enjoyable romp.
Summoned by King Henry and Queen Anne to check the plotting of the sinister Krankenmal, the film begins when Don Juan and Miguel set out on a quest across the realm. Along the way they meet up with eccentric characters, are scapegoated (sic) for crimes they did not commit, and finally save the day with the help of Don Juan’s spunky daughter Princess Esmeralda (Dakota Star Granados).
Don Juan and Miguel show off both their trademark slapstick comedy and skillful sword choreography here, and even take part in a spirited song and dance number at the finale. Moreover, this film gives the duo the opportunity to develop their characters in a much broader way that their stage act permits. In addition to the bumbling Miguel, Kondziolka also plays the villainous Krankenmal. Clearly relishing this chance to be someone other than the Castilian clown for which he is best known Kondziolka invests Krankenmal with delicious, megalomaniacal menace, topping it off with a fabulous Teutonic accent.
Although shot on video (which appears to be de-interlaced to simulate the “film” look), the production has a nice, visual richness, particularly the nocturnal, fire-lit scenes outside Krankenmal’s lair. The Scarborough Faire’s buildings are put to convincing use, an adroit camera placement most of the time passes off the Faire’s plywood structures as period buildings. If I have any complaint, I only wish there was more swordplay and that the run time was longer than its 760 minutes. This release also includes a second disc of movie extras, including Don Juan and Miguel’s long-running “Weird Show”.
Not exactly the same as attending faire itself, The Lost Princess nevertheless carries much of the flavor of the faire experience and provides a chance to see two RenFest favorites expand their much-loved personae in an exciting and effervescent yarn

Renaissance Magazine
Issue #47
January 20

“Pretty Silly”

Kids First!
The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media”

“From a nicely done opening title sequence to laugh-out-loud dialogue and a quite professional musical production number, this little movie is the answer to our prayer---that is thus someday the Renfest community would come up with a well-done video/film production that incorporates most of the known acts seen at a festival. As a tongue-in-cheek spoof on its own festival world of character, this is as good as it gets. Even I was caught off-guard by the convincing duo roles portrayed by Doug Kondziolka (“Miguel”). What fun! And a good reason to stay at home from the movie theater and enjoy a DVD…a “must buy” for our Renfest followers.”

Gregory Schmidt
Regional Renaissance Reporter