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Harpist: Sarah Marie Mullen

Sarah Marie Mullen's NEW CD!  The Wild Wood - Now available!

"Luna’s Fancy" is the first album from harpist Sarah Marie Mullen. Special musical guests Bob Bielefeld and Mark Caudill of Cantiga, and Terry Foy (Zilch the Torey Steller) accompany her. Recorded by our very own Jim Hancock of Jimusic Mobil Digital Studios at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival. Visit Sarah's professional web site here... 

Comedy sensations Hey Nunnie Nunnie!

With a comedy album full of fun and song, unique humor and religious fervor Mother Redempta and Sister Philomena Claire are certain to make you laugh.  To check out and possibly purchase this cd, click here

Hey Nunnie Nunnie!: Every Day is Christmas

That wacky musical comedic duo is back with a new Christmas cd "Every Day is Christmas"! Chock full of holiday fun and wackiness. Enter the wonderful sweet world of Hey Nunnie Nunnie: Everyday is Christmas! To check out and possibly purchase this cd, click here...

Singer/songwriter Eddie Jeff Cahill

"Eddie Jeff Cahill is a true wandering minstrel. Songs, stories, tall tales tumble from his lips like barrels over a waterfall, shattering ring and stave on the rocks of our complacency. As a bonus, Eddie Jeff's discourse is filtered through a thick Minnesota accent, redolent of Vikings and lutefisk. You better be there." - Utah Phillips.
His latest CD release "We Shall Be As One" is as heartfelt and real as the man himself.  Check it out